SSD Firmware Update Procedure

System Requirements

  • SATA based system
  • CD-RW / DVD-RW / BD-RW Optical disc drive
  • 1 CD / DVD / BD disc
Updating firmware process will not delete the data stored in your Plextor SSD; however, it is highly recommended to back up the data before updating the firmware.

To update firmware on your SSD, do the following:

1. Install the SSD in the computer.
2. Download the latest firmware and copy the file (*.iso) onto a disc.
3. Insert the disc that contains the firmware into the drive.
4. Turn off your computer properly.
Click Start > Shut down. Wait until the computer to turn off power completely.
5. Start your computer
6. Boot the system from the ODD device (i.e. CD-ROM drive).
The below screen appears on the computer display.

7. Press Enter to continue with the boot procedure.
8. The system starts to upgrade firmware automatically.
9. The firmware updating process may take a while to complete.
10. When below screen appears, this indicates the firmware updating process is complete.
11. Reboot your computer.
If below screen appears after the firmware updating process is complete, this indicates the current SSD has the latest firmware.

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